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Created 9-Aug-13
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The 2013 Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benninig, Georgia, and some other random snapshots.
Mary standing at the new IP (Impact Point) on Fryar Drop Zone, Alabama. They've apparently built the site up as it used to be level with the surrounding drop zone.Fryar DZ from the IP (Impact Point).BBQ House, Ft. Mitchell, Alabama. Old site of "Chief's" bar.They did it up right!A marker down at Jump Branch, Airborne Department.One of the buildings where I worked during my stint at Jump Branch back in 1977.Jump Branch, Airborne Department, Lawson Army Airfield.Mary in the PT pit.The start of the Best Ranger Competition in the PT pit at Camp Rogers, Harmony Church.This Bradley Fighting Vehicle served in Iraq where it was crippled by an IED and became a coffin.