Dave Thomas F-2(non-registered)
Demps thanks so much for sharing this site and the work behind it!

john P mcmullen B2 bulldogs(non-registered)
Very impressive! This is the America we have to remember as we watch our country flush itself down the toilet...
Manuel Gonzalez
Hey Demps, go Army
Clay Edwards(non-registered)
Dempsey, these are fabulous photos of your mother, and others. But, especially your mother. You have got me wanting to run over to my mom's and start taking purpose-driven videos. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful pictures, RIP Mrs. Darrow, now you can be with Your husband. What a beauty...
Larry Kaden(non-registered)
Great pictures Dempsey--especially those of old Arizona. Still haven't made the trip to Prescott to visit my wife's sister but I still hope to get there someday and will stop by to visit.
Lee Ross(non-registered)
Nice photographs throughout . . .
Doug Stickley(non-registered)
Would love to spend some time out there with my metal detector. Good pics again, Demps.
Doug Stickley(non-registered)
Lots of memories in the Ranger and Jump School pics. Nothing like being the first guy in the door over a DZ. And my hands experienced 'memory hurt' (not the official medical term, of course) when I saw the Horizontal Ladder with the bars that twisted as you moved forward. Thanks!
Bob Malarz(non-registered)
Good shooting, Dempsey, in more ways than one.
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