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Created 9-Aug-13
Modified 22-Mar-19
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On 17 July, 2013, the Change of Command ceremony for the incoming 59th Superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point occurred. LTG David H. Huntoon, USMA 1973, relinquished command to LTG Robert L. Caslen, Jr., USMA 1975.
The crowd waiting for festivities to start.Mrs. Caslen receives flowers as her husband and the Chief of Staff look on.LTG David H. Huntoon, the outgoing Superintendent, looks on.GEN Raymond T. "Ray" Odierno, Chief of Staff, United States Army, delivers his remarks.LTG Huntoon delivers a heartfelt farewell.LTG Robert L. Caslen, the incoming Superintendent, addresses the assembled crowd of dignitaries, soldiers and civilians.LTG and Mrs. Caslen addressing those in the receiving line.A little mood music is provided by the USMA band for those waiting in the receiving line.The Caslen's new home.Moon over the barracks.Cadets Clay Alexander, 2014, D2, and Lauren Scales, 2015, B1, share their interpretation of the Father of the Academy's expressive pose.Security cameras and fans in the windows...two items unknown to cadets from earlier days.The moon over The Plain.Jefferson Hall with the Class of 1975 Terrace prominent at the top, GEN George S. Patton, Jr., standing guard.The greenery of The Apron.The cadet cadre prepares for movement.A view from the Thayer Hotel.The West Point Train Station.