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Camp Huachuca was founded on 3 March 1877 by Captain Samuel Marmaduke Whitside with two companies of the US 6th Cavalry at the base of the Huachuca Mountains with the purpose of opposing the threat of the hostile Chiricahua Apaches. In 1882 it was designated Fort Huachuca. In 1913 the 10th Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers" called Fort Huachuca home for almost 20 years.

In 1967, Fort Huachuca became the headquarters of the U.S. Army Strategic Communications Command.

In 1971, the post became the home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and School and The School Brigade.

In October 1990 The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command became the new host command. The U.S. Army Intelligence Center now operates the post.

Today, Fort Huachuca is a major military installation in Arizona. The original Fort Huachuca cantonment was declared a National Historic Landmark in March of 1977.

Tombstone is 23 miles distant from Fort Huachuca and should at this point require no further introduction.

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