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From archeologist Mark Sweberg:

The official name for the Dig is the Tall e-Hammam Excavation. It is a joint undertaking between the Jordan Bureau of Antiquities and Trinity Southwest University in New Mexico where I am studying towards my PhD in archaeology.

The photo titled Palace Square is the area on the Tall, or Tell, where I led opening the Square during Season 10. The photo title Palace Square 2 is the same area after three weeks of work exposing down to the Middle Bronze Age level, around 2500 BCE.

The photo titled Weekly pottery reading is a photo of my professor and the dig director, Dr. Steve Collins, who is next to me. Pottery is vital to accurately aging and dating the different levels of civilization in a dig in the Middle East. Dr. Collins convenes his principle staff every Friday to review, date and catalog "keeper" pottery that was uncovered during the previous week of excavations.

The last photo is one of me holding a bronze scale tray that was uncovered by one of the volunteers. It is extremely rare to find recognizable metal, bronze, artifacts dating to the Bronze Age, so this was a terrific find.

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