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Here are some images of the 2014 Fiesta de los Vaqueros in Tucson, Arizona. For some reason, rodeo officials decided to create a small corral with a portable metal fence adorned with flyers and a number of people standing around it for the bull riding. This served to make viewing difficult and effective photography from the main viewing area impossible. Therefore, I have no pictures of that event. That aside, here is some of what we saw.
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Guestbook for La Fiesta De Los Vaqueros 2014
Mia Larocque(non-registered)
Thank you for sending me the link to your site. I think your desert images are fantastic. I am, however, sorry to read that your visit to the Tucson rodeo seemed disheartening. I have attended rodeos all over the world and Tucson is one of the best you will find anywhere.

Over the years the sport of rodeo and the rough stock (bulls and broncs) have become more and more advanced, and the need for the general public's safety put above all else while attending these events. The Tucson rodeo arena is set up where the audience gets an up close and personal experience with the events and the cowboys. While the bareback horses and saddle broncs need room to run and buck, by their good nature they will not intentionally try to hurt you. This is obviously not the same case with the bull riding event, hence the small "turnback" that is erected before the event begins. In years past I have seen these bulls jump out of the arena into the bleachers. Patrons have been injured merely trying to escape the path of the bull. I, myself, was followed over a 5' gate by a bull in the 1980's. He cleared it with no problem. It was quite an eye opener.

I do hope you will come again. It is a wonderful arena to photograph the action and some of the best/toughest rough stock, from Benny Beutler & Sons, and top ranked rodeo cowboys you'll see anywhere.
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